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Know more about U profile glass

Know more about U profile glass

JIMY GLASS original 2018-08-06 19:57:47

Know more about U profile glass

U-shaped glass,also name as U profile / U channel glasss,it is a die-cast glass that is shaped by a computer-controlled glass melting furnace. It maintains a constant high quality and precise size. Because the cross section is U profile, the force of the glass is increased, so that it has higher mechanical strength than the flat glass, and the installation span is large, which can save a large number of profiles. At the same time, it has the ideal light transmission of glass; double-layer installation has better thermal insulation and sound insulation. The construction is simple and convenient, suitable for building exterior walls, internal partitions, and exterior wall decoration, making it one of the standard components of the building.

U-profile glass application:
Because U profile glass has better light transmission and no see-through characteristics, and good decorative properties, it can be used for non-load-bearing interior and exterior walls of industrial and civil buildings such as airports, stations, stadiums, factories, office buildings, hotels, houses, greenhouses, etc. , partitions, curtain wall,windows and roofs.

U channel global market:
There are only a few companies in the world that have produce technology of U profile glass.There are two companies in Germany (the Lamberts factory in Germany and the Bourges factory in Pilkington, Germany), and other several are in China.

U profile glass in many projects at home and abroad, there are many classic buildings that are pleasing to the eye, as early as 1995, the Dutch architect Ville Arez's Bokster police station, to today's 2010 Shanghai World Expo Chile Pavilion, during this period there is Qingdao The U channel building complex of Suizhong Tobacco Factory and Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the Seoul University of Korea, which has a unique shape, fully demonstrate the superiority of this material in the exterior walls and internal partitions of various types of buildings.

The U channel glass technology has been very mature. With the increasing market awareness, the market space has been rapidly expanded. I believe that in the near future, U channel will become an indispensable green building material for modern urban development, and enhance human habitation environmental quality.

JIMY GLASS COMPANY offer U-profile glass (grooved glass) production specifications:
U channel (grooved glass) production specifications are:
1. Press thickness:6mm / 7mm / 10mm or customize thickness.
2. According to flange height: 60mm(2-3/8”)
3. Bottom width: 232mm 262mm 332mm 498mm,so on.
4. Deep processing: it can be heat soak, tempered.
5. The max length is up to 6000mm.

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