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Low-E glass classification.

Low-E glass classification.

Jimy glass Original 2017-07-06 17:28:59

Low-E glass classification.

LOW-E glass, also known as low-emissivity coated glass, refers to the surface coated with a very low surface emissivity of the metal or other compounds composed of multi-layer special glass.LOW-E glass is a green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly glass products. Ordinary glass surface emissivity of about 0.84, LOW-E glass surface emissivity below 0.25. Ultra-thin thickness of the low-radiation film on the far-infrared thermal radiation reflectivity is very high, can be more than 80% of the far-infrared thermal radiation reflected back, and ordinary transparent float glass, heat-absorbing glass far infrared reflectivity only 12 %.So Low-E glass has a good barrier heat radiation through the role.

According to the use of different, Low-E glass is generally divided into: high light transmission Low-E glass,shade-type Low-E glass and double silver coating Low-E glass.

What is the high transmission Low-E Glass?

As the name implies, is a high visible light transmittance, lighting effect is good, can effectively save the cost of lighting. High-transmission Low-E insulated glass also has the following characteristics:
① solar energy transmission rate is very high, the vast majority of solar energy through the glass radiation to the room;
② infrared can be a good reflection back, so it has a good thermal insulation properties. Its scope of application: 1. The northern region of the winter is relatively cold, so the effective use of winter solar energy is the most significant characteristics of high transmission glass. Winter solar radiation through the glass into the room to increase the indoor heat, and indoor heating far infrared light is reflected back into the room by the glass, so that the room has a high temperature, to achieve the effect of energy saving; 2 for Higher requirements of light for building,such as solar control 4+9A+4mm insulated glass used for office buildings,shopping malls and so on.

What is shade type low-E glass?

It is the sun's strong light through the Low-E coating was blocked in the outdoor glass. This glass has the following characteristics:
① can cover the outdoor light, and visible light can be appropriate through;
② solar energy transmission rate is relatively moderate, but it can greatly reduce the solar radiation into the room;
③higher reflectivity for far infrared,effectively prevent the outdoor secondary heat radiation into the room. Scope: 1. Suitable for summer hot southern region also applies to the cold winter in the northern region. The reason is: in the northern winter, although this glass can limit part of the sun's heat into the room, but it can be a good way to prevent the indoor heating equipment heat outflow. South of the summer hot, indoor set of refrigeration equipment, this glass can reduce the sun heat into the room, but also reduce the air conditioning air leakage. Therefore, from the energy-saving effect, the shade is not less than the high transmission, and the north and south are applicable; 2. Applicable to a wide range, such as low-E color double glazing units used for both decorative and shelter.

What is a double silver coating Low-E glass?

Double silver coating Low-E glass is the film layer has two layers of silver.Double silver coating Low-E insulated glass manufacturing process is complex and expensive. However, this glass has the advantages of high-transmission Low-E glass,also has a shade-type low-E glass characteristics, therefore, this glass is the best glass used for the outside doors and windows of the building.Scope of application: Not subject to geographical restrictions, not subject to the use of building restrictions, can be used for any building. Although the double silver Low-E insulated glass has these advantages, but for the cost of consideration, the current use of this building on the scale of the glass is still quite limited, only a very small amount of use, usually speaking, Double silver coating Low-E glass is much more expensive. However, from the long-term significance to consider, this glass can save a lot of energy for future life, it is still necessary to use this efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly glass.

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