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What kind of glass is good to build a heat control house in the garden?

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  • Release on :2017-07-08

We got a small project inquiry from one customer from Brunei, which need to build a small garden café house in the university. The customer want to use glass to build the whole house, and want to make the house heat control, so he asked us what kind of glass is good to build it?

As we all known, color tinted glass, color reflective glass, low emissivity glass and insulated glass, all of them have the feature of solar control and light transmittance, but if without any budget control, it would be best to use the low-e tempered laminated insulated glass to build the whole house, to make sure highest safety and highest performance of solar heat control. But after the suggestion, customer said he needs to reduce the cost, so we suggest customer to use low-e tempered laminated glass on the building roof, and use curved low-e tempered insulated glass for the surrounding wall. Because toughened laminated glass is high safety glass, use it on roof, can make sure it won’t fall down to hurt human even the glass broken. And the low-e toughened insulating glass is energy saving and solar control glass, use it on surrounding, could make sure the interior cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

After some days’ consideration, customer finally decided to use the lower cost 13.52mm green color tempered laminated glass to build this house, because the green color tinted glass could lower UV transmittance rate, to make sure good sunshade efficiency, and it also could protect furniture and furnishings from fading, so definitely, it is also a very good choice for this garden café house.

As per this case, we could know that different glass, will have different feature, and the cost will be much different. So no matter what kind of glass you are looking for, and no matter what kind of project you are doing, warmly welcome to discuss all the details with us, we are sure you will get very satisfied idea from us.

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