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PVB film increases the life of laminated glass

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  • Release on :2017-11-05
PVB film is a PVB-based plasticized film. Mainly used for the production of laminated safety glass. After long-term research and development,PVB already has a good degree of purity, transparency, light stability and strong glass adhesion. PVB film can absorb almost 100% of ultraviolet light, with its production of laminated glass is mainly used in two major areas of automotive and construction.

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For the construction industry, Only the adhesive and high strength of the film, in order to increase the life of laminated glass, It is precisely because of this quality PVB can be world-famous. And it becomes the world's architectural glass  and has become the world's architectural glass assembly also used film.

Increased use of glass by the construction industry for new uses, lead to the need for a wide range of colors, countless colors are available through a combination of basic colors.

PVB glass sandwich film is a polyvinyl butyral resin, plasticized by plasticizer DHA plastic extrusion molding of a polymer material.PVB glass sandwich film thickness is generally 0.38mm and 0.76mm. On inorganic glass has good adhesion, with a transparent, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, moisture-resistant, high mechanical strength and other characteristics. On the inorganic glass has good adhesion, with a transparent, heat-resistant, cold, moisture resistance, high mechanical strength and other characteristics. Laminated glass can be used for hollow glass doors and windows. Ordinary hollow glass generally do not have impact resistance, while the one side of laminated glass insulating glass has become a safety glass. Depending on the application, laminated glass can be divided into flat laminated glass, laminated glass, bullet-proof glass, security laminated glass and decorative laminated glass. PVB film is mainly used for laminated glass, with a number of safety, thermal insulation, noise control and UV isolation and many other functions, widely used in construction, automotive and other industries.

Laminated glass is widely used in building windows and doors, floors, curtain walls, ceiling skylights. Bent laminated glass can be used for lift elevator, shopping malls hotel revolving door. Bullet-proof glass and anti-theft glass can be used for banks, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial business offices and gold and silver jewelry stores, museums, commercial-grade residential buildings, prisons and other places counter, doors and windows.

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