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The advantages of warm edge spacer bar for insulated glass

  • Author:JIMY GLASS
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  • Release on :2017-10-30

Nowadays, people’s living standard is improving more and more, the demand is getting higher and higher, for building materials, from annealed glass replace of the wooden materials, to multifunction glass replace of annealed glass. For example, considering the functions of energy saving, soundproof and heatproof, more and more people asked insulated glass for window, door and curtain wall. Up till now, there are also many people need warm edge spacer bar insulated glass to replace of aluminum spacer double glazing unit. Many customers asked why the price of warm edge spacer bar insulated glass is more expensive than aluminum spacer insulated glass. Today let’s try to learn more about the warm edge spacer bar.

Warm edge spacer bar, it is made by 0.1mm thickness surface to set  the wave-shaped stainless steel profiles and the top cover of plastic material, in a word, produced by an insulating plastic composite material. The attractive functions are including reduce the heat insulation of the window, and excellent double sealed effect. It is the high quality, high strength and low thermal insulation materials:

1. Warm edge spacer bar could help reduce the heat transfer coefficient, is the effective way for improving window thermal performance.
2. Warm edge spacer bar could greatly improve the temperature of the edge of double glazing unit, and improve the anti-condensation performance.
3. Warm edge spacer bar could help reduce the possible of hollow glass in the course of the use of temperature stress caused by glass blew and thermal stress burst.
4. Double sealed warm edge spacer bar insulated glass, it is widely used in residential doors and windows or glass curtain wall.

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