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Reasons for failure of tempered glass impact resistance

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  • Release on :2018-08-22

As we all know, good quality tempered glass is safety glass, 3-5 times stronger than non-tempered glass, so generally, it has very good impact resistance performance, no easy to break. But very often, we also could see some tempered glass is not so strong, can't resist big external impact, do you know what's the reasons? Below some of our comments for your reference.

1. Before the tempering of the glass, the quality of the edge treatment is not good, and there are micro-cracks at the edge of the glass, so that the stress is first released from the edge and broken after being impacted.

2. The surface of the glass is scratched, especially the surface of the glass is scratched after tempering, so that the surface stress of the glass is released and the strength is lowered.

3. The heating and cooling process system is unreasonable. The heating temperature is low, the heating time is short, or the cooling air pressure is insufficient, the air volume is insufficient, and the blowing time is short, will lead to the tempering degree of the glass is low, the required stress value is not obtained, so the strength of the glass is low.

4. During the heating or cooling process, the temperature of the upper and lower surfaces of the glass is different or the cooling strength is inconsistent, so that the stress formed on the upper and lower surfaces is inconsistent, resulting in a decrease in strength or a bending of the glass sheet surface.

If you have different comments, welcome to share your ideas with us.

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