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How to choose the balcony guardrail glass?

How to choose the balcony guardrail glass?

JIMY GLASS original 2018-08-25 12:19:31

How to choose the balcony guardrail glass? 

With the development of the economy and the advancement of science, the glass industry has also made continuous progress. While developing new varieties, it has also strengthened the original glass types. In order to be able to buy better quality and reasonably priced balcony guardrail glass, we need to have a certain understanding of it. Let me take a look at their categories and characteristics, so that we can choose a more suitable product.

Different glass,characteristics are different, depending on your actual situation.
1. Ordinary annealed clear glass:
Ordinary clear glass is the glass commonly used by some small manufacturers to seal balcony, mostly ordinary white glass. The price of this glass is relatively, but it has not been calcined at high temperature, and the heat resistance and impact resistance are not enough. It is easy to break, not only that, ordinary white glass is irregular in shape when cutting, and it is often easy to hurt people when it is broken. Such glass is not recommended.

2.Laminated glass:10.76mm PVB laminated glass,12.76mm frosted laminated glass,17.52mm SGP laminated glass
This consists of two or more sheets of glass, an organic polymer interlayer film (EVA/SGP/PVB) between the glass, which is treated with special high-temperature pre-pressure (or vacuum) and high-temperature and high-pressure processes to make the glass and the middle. The film is bonded as one. After this treatment, even if the glass is broken, the pieces will be stuck on the film, and the broken glass surface will remain clean and smooth. This design effectively prevents the debris from being scratched and penetrating the fall event. Occurs to ensure personal safety.

3.Insulating glass:such as 5+9A+5mm insulated glass,6+12A+6mm double glaze unite,
Insulating glass also called hollow glass,double glaze,it is sealed by two glass-filled aluminum strips surrounded by glue. This design can form a hollow layer between the glass to block the heat and noise transmission, and achieve the effect of sound insulation. Also known as double glazing. For the requirements of sound insulation, you can choose insulated glass.

4 Tempered glass:such as 12mm clear tempered glass,12mm tinted toughened,8mm frosted tempered glass
Tempered glass is a common glass that has been cooled by high-temperature processing and has twice the hardness of ordinary glass. Therefore, tempered glass is also called safety glass. First, because the tempered glass breaks and becomes granular, it does not hurt people. Second, because the hardness of tempered glass is not easy to break. Therefore, tempered glass must have safety signs. Each piece of tempered glass must be printed with a safe “CCC”mark. Tempered glass can be processed into single-layer glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, strength, and resistance. Impact, excellent thermal insulation performance, is a good choice for balcony glazing. But tempered glass can not be cut, can not be perforated, completely customized according to the design drawings.

The glass for the balcony guardrail must safety glass, such as tempered glass and laminated glass; because the guardrail is a glass directly touch by humans, in the event of damage, the glass fragments will not cause much damage. It is not possible to choose inappropriate glass because of the low price, if causing unnecessary losses, double replace,it will cost a lot fee.

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