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663 annealed or tempered clear laminated glass 13.14mm suppliers663 annealed or tempered clear laminated glass 13.14mm suppliers663 annealed or tempered clear laminated glass 13.14mm suppliers663 annealed or tempered clear laminated glass 13.14mm suppliers

663 annealed or tempered clear laminated glass 13.14mm suppliers

  • Glass name:13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass,663 colorless laminated glass
  • High security glass,the splinters will sticks to the interlayer and not scatter when broken
  • Production time:within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Holes,cut out,polish edge,bevel edge.all should be done before tempering.
  • Packaging:fresh new strong export plywood crates with paper
  • Advantages:safety,soundproof,anti-UV,etc
  • Used as office partition glass,balustrade glass,safety glazing applications

663 annealed or tempered clear laminated glass 13.14mm suppliers

Laminated glass is one of the strongest forms of glass.It’s strong enough to be used in many areas where safety and reliability are paramount. Laminated glass, when struck, tends to crack in a circular, spider-web type pattern, but rarely breaks outright. 13.14mm clear laminated glass is crafted by adhering two pieces of 6mm clear float annealed glass (or 6mm clear tempered glass) together by 3 layers colorless PVB. The PVB layer holds the glass together if the glass is broken or impaled.

Specification of 663 PVB clear laminated glass:
Combination: 6mm clear glass+1.14mm colorless PVB+ 6mm clear glass
Available glass type: 6mm clear tempered glass, 6mm ultra clear low iron tempered glass,6mm clear float annealed glass,6mm clear heat soak tempered glass, etc.
Size: max size:3000*8000mm, mini size:150*300mm
Special requirement: drilling holes, edge polished, cutout, logo printing etc.
Characteristic: soundproof, decorative, high safety, energy saving, anti UV, etc.

Advantages of 13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass:
1.Laminated glass PVB interlayers absorb the energy of the impact, resisting penetration.Once the glass creaked,the glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer;
2. Laminated glass has proven to be an excellent barrier to noise,having a higher sound reduction index,reduces noise, providing a relatively quiet day and night;
3. Laminated glass can screen out UV radiation because of the PVB interlayer,protected furniture deterioration and pictures fading;
4. Laminated glass constructions can be properly designed to remain intact under impact and keep the envelope of the home or building sealed. Protection from bad weather and natural disasters damage;
5. Laminated glass is durable,maintaining its color and strength for a longtime,save the replace glass cost;
6. Laminated glass is flat and smooth surface,it is as easily cleaned as ordinary glass.

13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass application:
13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass is very good choose for railing glass,swimming pool guardrail,canopy,skylight,roof,door,partition wall and so on.
JIMY glass company have other laminated glass choose,consider to your request,you can order glass like:
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17.52mm frosted tempered laminated glass (884)
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High Quality 13.14mm Clear Laminated Glass:
13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass

13.14mm Clear PVB Laminated Glass Use For Balustrade:

13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass use for balustrade:

13.14mm Clear PVB Laminated Glass Use For Canopy:

13.14mm clear PVB laminated glass use for canopy:

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