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Safety glass shower room is getting more and more popular.

  • Author:Jimy Glass
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  • Release on :2017-10-09

Safety glass shower room is getting more and more popular.

With the development of the shower industry,shower room products to an average of 20% -25% speeds in the increase,the shower room will enter more families, and will be more and more choose by estate project. Experts predict that in recent years, various types of real estate development projects and star hotels, hotel bathroom decoration in the excellent decoration, shower room products will account for more than 80%, becoming the protagonist of the bathroom.

Home improvement shower room not only save space, and high-end. Due to a lot of low-quality tempered glass shower room there is problem:1.the risk of glass self-explosion;2.the glass is difficult to clean,consumers concerned about the shower room products are increasingly focused on a key word:safe!

The shower room on the market is mainly composed of tempered glass and aluminum frame,which the proportion of tempered glass in the whole shower room is 95%. Such as 10mm tempered glass impact resistance is 5 times than normal 10mm glass, but tempered glass in the absence of direct mechanical external force, there may still be an automatic burst (self-explosion). Self-explosion is one of the unique characteristics of tempered glass, although the international standard ratio is lower than 3/1000, but even if choice of high-quality tempered glass, theoretically can not rule out the possibility of self-explosion, cause some security risks for users.

In order to completely solve the shower room glass self-explosion caused by security risks.JIMY company launched the first "three-in-one shower room", it combines easy-clean glass, laminated glass, tempered glass three advantages, and make up for their respective defects.After the independent technology and process improvement of the new tempered laminated glass, its impact and compressive strength is more than 5 times of tempered glass.Even after the glass fragmentation, the shatter will be tightly adhere to the folder in the security glass PVB film.The whole piece of broken glass standing in place, the shatter will not fall off, but will not fall off on the ground, will not cause harm to people or the surrounding objects, make sure tempered glass self-explosion damage to the human body damage reduce to zero, completely resolved shower room glass security risks.

11.14mm clear PVB laminated glasss:
11.14mm clear laminated glasss factory

Flat and curved safety glass shower screen:
Flat and curved safety glass shower screen