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U profile glass, do you know how to design it?

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  • Release on :2017-10-14

U profile glass, it also called U glass, U shape glass, U channel glass, is a novel architectural profile glass. Due to the glass with U-shaped, so compare with the ordinary float glass, it has a higher mechanical strength and ideal light transmission, much better sound insulation, thermal insulation, can save a lot of metal materials, and easy for install, etc. Perfect used in our life, such as exterior and interior wall, partitions, roof and windows.

From color, appearance to the intensity, the U channel glass can be divided into three  types: 1. Color, it has clear and ultra clear color, and can be painted/silkscreen printed many different colors on the inner side of the U glass.2. Surface pattern: flat or embossing of the surface. 3. From strength, it has wired mesh and no wired mesh. U profile glass production methods are calendering method, rolling method, casting method, but generally used is calendaring method. Nowadays the U glass is more and more widely used for our construction and industrial. Anyway, do you know how to design the U glass?

The way for design the U channel glass:
1. The surface of U profile glass has a lot of treatment, ordinary fine lines, transparency, colorful, etc., in addition to the design of ordinary fine lines, the remaining models are need to be marked.
2. The install way of U shape glass, single glazing flange outside(inside) and double glazing standard arrangement are the most widely to be choosed.
3. U glass is not burning materials, we can do a good fire rating, if any special requirements, according to the relevant specifications design mark.
4. Channel glass used in the external walls, the installation length depends on the local wind load, the height from the glass to the ground.

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