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Does the three layers of insulated glass better than two layers?

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  • Release on :2017-10-15
Now the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the glass configuration are mostly double hollow glass, and sound insulation has been very excellent. There are now many consumers seeking a higher configuration. After knowing that there are three layers of insulating glass, they want to know if the three layers of insulating glass be better than double insulated glass?

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At present, the aluminum alloy doors and windows are basically equipped with 5 +9 +5 or 5 +12 +5 of the insulated glass. It is two layers of 5mm glass in the middle of 9mm or 12mm air gap.  Because the glass and air conductivity is not the same, so as to play insulation, noise effects. Almost all of these are insulated glass.

While three layer of hollow glass, for example, 5+6A+5+6A+5, the thickness of the intermediate air layer is reduced, adding a layer of glass. It is reasonable to say that the sound insulation of the glass mainly depends on the thickness of the insulating layer of the insulating glass. The greater the thickness of the air layer, the better the sound insulation.

Therefore, the consumer only according to the number of layers of glass insulation effect like this view is very one-sided. The effect of the use of aluminum doors and windows is not a matter of several layers of glass, but with the middle of the interval between the glass has a great relationship.

In addition, the sealing performance of doors and windows on the impact of noise is also great, if the use of three-layer glass on the sash of the sealing process requires a higher, improper handling will also seriously affect the use of performance.

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