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What kind of glass is good to be curtain wall glass

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  • Release on :2017-10-20

In Shenzhen this modern city, more and more buildings are covered with glass, we call those glass curtain wall glass. Do you know what kind of glass is good to be curtain wall glass?

As per our experience, most customers prefer the laminated glass and insulated glass to be the curtain wall, and both of them could have many different compositions with clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, low-e glass, low iron glass, etc., to match the customized requirements. But do you know what’s the difference to use the laminated glass and insulated glass to build the curtain wall? Below some of our ideas for your reference:

Different place
As the most safety glass, most often, the laminated glass is used on the special low-level structural buildings, such as shop fronts, shopping mall, Museum, library, concert hall, etc., but for the insulated glass, most often, it used on the high rise buildings like commercial office buildings and residential buildings.

Different price
Based on the same raw glass sheets, the laminated glass price is higher than the insulated glass. Because in one hand, the laminated glass production process is more complicated, except put the two pieces glass together, the laminated glass also need to put into autoclave to make the two pieces glass bonded together tightly. But for the insulated glass, we just need to put two pieces glass together with aluminum spacer, it costs much shorter time, so the cost is lower. In another hand, the interlayer (PVB/SGP/EVA) of laminated glass is more expensive than the spacer of insulated glass.

Different function
The laminated glass is safety glass, when it is broken, it won’t fall down to hurt human, but for the insulated glass, if use the monolithic glass to make, it will scatter and fall down when it is broken. The advantage of the insulated glass is it is heatproof and soundproof glass, so the interior will be very comfortable if build the exterior wall with the insulated glass. But the normal laminated glass couldn’t reach those function. So if don’t have cost limited, it will be perfect to use the laminated insulated glass to be the curtain wall, and in order to make sure safety, we should install the laminated glass surface on the outer of the wall.

In a word, different projects have different requirement, which is better, depends on the special needs. As a professional glass manufacturer, we are major in all kinds of customized curtain wall glass, have any inquiry, warmly welcome to discuss all the details with us.

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