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What are common quality problems and causes of the reflective coated glass?

What are common quality problems and causes of the reflective coated glass?

Jimy Glass orginal 2017-10-22 22:11:39

What are common quality problems and causes of the reflective coated glass?

One, scratches or graze:
Definition: Reflective coated glass surface and other harder material relative sliding or friction caused by linear or ribbon-like scars for scratches,mainly for the scratched parts of the glass transmittance increased, or coating surface off and translucent. Its shape is mostly irregular arc-shaped strip scratches.
Causes: scratches are come into being in the construction and installation, mainly are:
1, In production: due to equipment or cleaning reasons, there is the possibility scratch of reflective glass in the production, but this scratches are generally regular and linear, it is able to control and test out. In addition, the production process of the coated glass carrying, packing is also possible to cause scratches. But the objective to say that a large number of coated glass is directly packing on the production line, it is generally impossible to cause scratches,the coating surface generally do not touch other hard objects, So it is usually not scratched.
2,In cutting process: such as the cutting ruler drag in the glass film surface; because the glass coating surface maybe with sand or glass debris, etc., wipe process caused by the glass reflective surface abrasion.If coating surface down or not noticed every box of the last one piece glass is placed in the opposite direction, resulting in glass coating surface friction with other things caused scratches.
3, stacking and storage: after open packing or after cutting the glass,if not pile up by required, between the sheets without mat any mat, resulting glass touch each other directly , due to sand or glass crumb,in the storage may causing scratches during transportation.
4, installation: in the installation process, man-made causes of scratches by hard things; If use of dirty or hard wipe in the cleaning process, or there have cement mortar and other pollutants in the glass surface, but not use of correct cleaning method.

Second, removal of the coating:
Definition:the surface of the coated glass, the phenomenon of some parts loss of coating.
Mainly for the local light transmittance enhancement or film completely fall off, stripping form is generally refers to the point-like, group and flake. For this phenomenon, in the production process, we have strict standard control, in general, the loss of the membrane area is greater than 2.5mm is not allowed.
1. In production: the reasons for the coating process, this JIMY glass cited advanced production technology and equipment, our factory products are strictly in accordance with the provisions of this test, after passing the factory.
2. In delivery: after open packing or after cutting the glass, there is no pad any mats between the glass sheets, or the mats are uneven, resulting in direct contact between the glass. JIMY Company specializes in packaging technology to ensure that the glass is packaged in a way that maximally protects the glass.
3, corrosive:accidentally exposed to corrosive substances, resulting in glass coating surface contamination and loss of film, mainly in the construction process may be happen this.

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