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The important role of Noble Gas of insulated glass

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  • Release on :2017-10-23
With the national energy conservation policy becoming more and more powerful implementation, building energy efficiency requirements have gradually increased. Construction glass also will appear to the high-performance insulating glass upgrade trend. Except the ongoing promotion of low emissivity insulating glass. In the hollow glass intermediate layer filled with argon, helium and other inert gas, the application of inflatable insulating glass is also more and more.

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Comparing with air, the density of an inert gas in insulating glass is much more bigger, it can slow down the thermal convection of the middle layer and reduce the heat transfer coefficient of insulating glass. It helps to improve the insulating glass insulation performance and energy saving effect.

Types of inert gases:
The inert gases include helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon, and the inert gases are colorless, odorless, non-toxic, gaseous monomolecular molecules, in the periodic table zero family, the outer electrons are saturated, the active poles small. Among them, hollow air filled with inert gas is generally: argon, krypton, xenon.

The three gases, argon in the air the highest content, about 1% of the air, the extraction is relatively easy, the price is cheap and it is filled with hollow glass air layer of the most commonly used inert gas.

The influence of insulating glass filled with inert gas:
The insulating glass is filled with the inert gas, can increase the product of the insulation function, which is compared to the hollow glass into the inert gas into the glass in the energy-saving advantages, to achieve the following results:
1.Winter can keep the heat in the room, the summer will be hot in the outdoor, energy saving effect. Inflated to reduce internal and external pressure difference, to maintain pressure balance, reduce the pressure difference caused by the glass burst good. After filling with argon, it can effectively improve the K value of the insulating glass, and can: reduce the condensation of the indoor glass. Improving the level of comfort, inflatable hollow glass is less prone to condensation and frost.
2.It makes insulating glass insulation better, improve sound insulation effect. Because the charged gas is a dry inert gas. It is possible to replace the air with moisture in the hollow glass chamber. So that the environment inside the cavity to keep dry, extend the aluminum compartment within the life of molecular sieve.

Insulating glass filled with inert gas standards:
The industry within the insulating glass filled with no inert gas is not specified, but in general, not less than 90%

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