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The Monolithic fireproof glass applications and benefits

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  • Release on :2016-12-26

Single layer fire resistant glass (chemical fire-resistant glass) is a new type of building function materials, with good light transmission performance and fire-retardant properties. Usually it is the same as ordinary float glass are transparent, in the case of fire a few minutes later, the chemical tempered layer to prevent the spread of flame and heat transfer, let the fire limited to a small area nearby the fire kindling point, play a flameproof protection. Above 1000 ℃ the high temperature is still has a good fire retardant.


This kind of transparent fire-proof safety glass as a range of the ideal fireproof material can be used as fire-proof door, fire-proof window and fire-proof partition for civil and public buildings such as hotels, theaters, exhibition halls, airports, gymnasiums, hospitals, libraries, commercial buildings and other non-fire district requirements. Usability: a variety of thickness options to meet the needs of different applications. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Can be based on actual requirements, combined with other glass processed into a function of the laminated glass or insulating glass.


Fire Rate Glass Features:


1  Superior Fire resistance performance


Monolithic fire-resistant glass at up to 1000 ℃ under the impact of the flame can keep more than 90 minutes don't burst, so as to escape people and relief work for valuable time.


2  High strength performance


Single layer fire resistant glass not only has excellent fire performance, but also has a high intensity of outstanding hardness. In the same glass thickness, monolithic fire-resistant glass is the strength of float glass 6-12 times; is 2-3 times of the tempered glass.


 3 Safety performance


Single layer fire resistant glass after broken are obtuse state, and debris smaller than the toughened glass fragments, so even if the damage will not cause harm to the human body.


 4 High weatherability


Monolithic fire-resistant glass compare with the traditional Liquid fire rated glass or composite laminated fire-resistant glass, except to high strength, the biggest feature is the high weather-ability, which in the long-term ultraviolet irradiation, no impact on appearance and performance changes, can maintain long-term transparent and bright.


5  Good Workability 

Monolithic fire-resistant glass can be used singly, but also can be processed into fire-proof laminated glass, fire-proof insulating glass, fire-proof curtain wall glass and fire-proof reflective glass, and so on.


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