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The advantages of glass doors

The advantages of glass doors

Jimy glass Original translation 2016-12-28 18:19:05

Glass door in the winter is the advantage of wind but not stalls light, in short, is a translucent. But in addition to this sense, people are also very concerned about whether it is warm. 

Now most of the residents live is the installation of single ordinary glass windows, although the cost of single glass doors cheap, easy to decorate, but it can not achieve good insulation effect, but also cause energy waste.

Experts point out that in the winter and summer heating or cooling in about 30% of the energy is not stored indoors, but through the doors, windows, walls lost to the outdoors. If the tenants in the decoration on the choice of double-insulated glass, the insulation effect of ordinary glass will be significantly improved. Double glass can prevent heat conduction, it can withstand the cold outside the house, but also to prevent the dissipation of energy inside. At present the ideal energy-saving glass double insulation function of the insulated coating of glass, the empty layer thickness of 12 mm, so that the glass can maintain a good indoor temperature.

In addition, in the winter and summer, due to large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the use of double-insulated windows than the use of single-glazed windows of the room more comfortable. Assume that the outdoor temperature of -10 ℃, the indoor temperature of 20 ℃, the surface temperature increased to 10 ℃ using a single glass window, the glass surface temperature of 1 ℃, the window temperature and the human body temperature difference, when the body near the window , Will absorb a large number of human radiant heat, will naturally produce uncomfortable feeling, and in the double glass, the window glass, and the body's temperature difference is greatly reduced. In addition, because the two layers of insulating glass, the combination of external walls and doors and windows will be more closely, you can outdoor noise and dust are blocked outdoors, reduce noise, green, but also conducive to the health of residents. If the re-use thick cloth curtains as the decoration of the house, the insulation effect will be better.

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