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The color of the reflective glass and it's advantages

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  • Release on :2016-10-15

The color of the reflective glass and it's advantages

In the daily life, many people didn’t know the reflective glass has what color, what’s the advantage.
In order to let you know more about it, we would like to popularization more for you as follow:

1 Color :

Reflective glass color include F-Green (light green) , Dark green, Light blue, Dark blue, 
Euro gray ( light gray ) , dark gray, Euro bronze ( light bronze) , Dark bronze ,etc.


1. With good thermal insulation performance, effectively to control the Solar radiation, 
blocking far-infrared radiation, on summer can saved air-conditioning costs, when on winter
can save heating costs. 

2. High visible light transmitting rate, low reflecting rate, low radiating rate, avoid the light pollution. 

3. To effectively block ultraviolet light through to prevent furniture and fabric been fade. 

4. Range of options spectrum, rich color

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