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The first glass bridge in China - Yellow River

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  • Release on :2017-08-21

In this month, the first 3D glass bridge of China whose name is Yellow River, debuting in Ningxia Zhongwei Shapotou scenic area, and opening to tourist formally. As the history saying, Shapotou Suspension Bridge was built in 2004, and the bridge floor is made of plank. Shapotou tourist attractions to improve the bridge in 2017, accumulated investment of 20 million yuan. The suspension bridge on the basis of the original transformation into the Yellow River 3D glass bridge. The length of the cable bridge is 328 meters, tempered glass take the place of  anti-corrosion wood between 210 meters and the north side of the cross 60 meters.

Many people will confuse how to build the glass bridge? What kind of glass they used for? The deck is a four-story, the glass type is three-layer and double-layer laminated glass. The length of glass deck is 210 meters. Among them, from south to north four in turn as: 75 meters 3D effect glass plank road is make of ultra clear glass with 60 meters glass skywalk, width is 2.6 meters, the vertical height of the bridge from the river is 10 meters. The bridge glass is consisted of 138 pieces of glass, such as 61 pieces of ultra clear tempered laminated glass and 77 piece of digital printing 3D glass. After testing, it reported that the weight of each piece of glass can reach 3 tons. Toughened glass refers to the further safety treatment after the glass is tempered, then glue the two pieces of glass together. Because the film is tough and strong adhesion, the damage is not easy to penetrate, pieces don't come off and will stick on the film tightly. Compare with the normal glass, it’s more earthquake resistant, anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof. So it’s a high security glass.

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