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Do you know why the hollow glass condensation?

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  • Release on :2017-08-26

It was said that the biggest problem for insulating glass is about the dewing happened. Double Glazing unit as a new type of energy-efficient building materials, heatproof and soundproof functions be widely used for modern building. Why the hollow glass condensation?  The surface of the dry air layer will cause condensation or dewing when the ambient temperature is reduce to the glass surface temperature to the dew point in the dry air layer. The insulating glass will be affected by condensation or frost on the inner surface of the glass. If make sure air layer without dewing above minus 40 degrees Celsius, then the condensation will be not happened for the hollow glass.

The dew point for the insulating glass is caused by the outside of water into the air layer without being absorbed by the desiccant, which may cause the dew rising?
1. Sealant inside with bubble, then air moisture enter into the glass.
2. Water vapor is diffused into the air layer through the polymer.
3. Poor adsorption capacity for desiccant.

How to control?
1. Very strictly control the production environment temperature.
2. Reduce the diffusion of water through the polymer.
3. Reduce the production process time
Minimize the time between the desiccant and the atmosphere, reduce the loss of adsorption capacity and make the desiccant have a higher adsorption capacity.
4. Choose the appropriate aluminum
The pores of the air guide to small, to reduce the process of molecular sieve water absorption.
5. Select the appropriate desiccant
Choose a higher and long-lasting desiccant.

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