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Why movable glass partition wall become very popular in office?

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  • Release on :2017-08-28

Movable glass partition wall also name activity glass partition, glass activity screen, movable glass partition wall, movable sound insulation glass wall. It's a kind of decorative glass wall. And become more and more popular in office in recent years.There are many different kinds of glass will be regard as movable glass partition wall. For example: clear tempered glass, tinted tempered glass, Acid Etched glass, silkscreen glass, patterned glass, U channel glass, laminated glass etc. Where this is no so much request for the safety, some of the customers will choose single glass panel as the decorative glass wall, like the tempered glass of thickness 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm etc. If there is request high safety, the best choice is laminated glass or tempered laminated glass of thickness of 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm etc.

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The advantage of office movable glass partition wall:
1. First of all, it's easy to install. There is no need to install rails on the ground, just install the track on the ceiling, and the door is hung by hanging wheels.
2. Compartment can play a fixed screen and to achieve sound insulation.
3. Excellent insulation performance. According to the different occupancy rate, large space, it can be divided into small space to reduce air conditioning power consumption.
4. The surface can be any decorative design, and the perfect combination of interior decoration style.
5. It's easy to clean and maintain.
6. When you want your office colorful, the tinted glass can satisfy you.

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