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Commonly glass use for door and window.

Commonly glass use for door and window.

Jimy glass Original 2017-08-30 19:00:00

Commonly glass use for door and window.

Modern home decoration often use some glass doors and windows, because every owner's request is not the same, so the glass doors and windows in the selection is also more abundant, in order to make their own home installation of glass doors and windows can be insulated insulation and suction sound function, what glass is better for doors and windows use ?

1, clear float glass and tinted glass.

The process of the float glass is carried out in the tin bath through which the shielding gas (N2 and H2) is introduced. The molten glass flows continuously from the kiln and floats on the surface of the tin liquid with relatively large density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the molten glass is spread on the tin liquid surface and flattened to form the upper and lower surfaces, harden and cool After being cited as a transition roll table. Roller table roller rotation, the glass out of the tin into the furnace into the annealing furnace, after annealing, cutting, to get flat glass products, float and other molding methods.

Its advantages are: suitable for high-quality manufacturing of high-quality flat glass, such as no wave tendons, uniform thickness, the upper and lower surface smooth, parallel to each other;The scale of the production line is not limited by the forming method, the energy consumption per unit product is low; the utilization rate of the finished product is high; it is easy to scientifically manage and realize the full mechanization, automation and labor productivity; the continuous operation cycle can be up to several years, To produce some new varieties for the online production of suitable conditions, such as the electric float glass, annealing spray glass, cold side surface treatment.

2.Insulated glass

Insulated glass two or more than the combination of glass, glass and glass to maintain a certain interval, the interval is dry air, surrounded by sealing material wrapped, which processed into insulated glass. Insulated glass production methods are three: adhesive method, welding method and melting connection method. Due to the complexity of the cost and process complexity, the construction of Insulated glass is basically produced by glue. The bonding process is divided into simple sealing and double sealing.Simple seal is the level of production, first a glass placed on the platform, set in the glass plate aluminum alloy spacing, and then another glass placed on the aluminum bar, the location of neatly adjusted, with a manual or glue machine For edge,Edge material for the poly sulfide rubber, to be tested after the natural drying factory. Usually called a simple seal insulated glass for the hand-plastic insulated glass, the side can be observed aluminum alloy bar.

Characteristics of insulated glass:
A,Optical properties:According to the selected glass original, hollow glass can have a variety of different optical properties. The visible light transmittance range is: 10% ~ 80%; light reflectivity range: 25% ~ 80%; total transmittance range: 25% to 50%.
B,Insulation performance insulated glass has excellent insulation performance. Under certain conditions, its thermal insulation performance can be better than the concrete wall. According to statistics, some European countries use insulated glass than ordinary single-layer windows per m2 per year can save fuel oil 40 ~ 50L.
C,Sound insulation performance insulated glass has excellent sound insulation performance, the sound insulation is usually associated with the type of noise and sound intensity, the general can reduce the noise 30 ~ 44dB, the traffic noise can be reduced by 3l ~ 38dB, that can The street car noise is reduced to the quiet level required by the school classroom.

3.Laminated glass:
Laminated glass can also be called anti-theft glass, widely used in high-rise buildings, curtain walls, ceiling, banks, jewelry stores, schools and villas and other places of high security requirements. Laminated glass set security, lighting in one, fresh and elegant.Laminated glass is made of two or more flat glass (or hot bending glass) between the folder with PVB film, made by high pressure safety glass, with a transparent, high mechanical strength, anti-ultraviolet, heat insulation, noise, Bulletproof, riot and other characteristics. When the glass by the impact of broken, the fragments are PVB stick, not easy to hurt, but the formation of radial cracks, to maintain the original shape and visibility, in a certain period of time can continue to use.

4. Frosted glass:
Frosted glass has a translucent light, to protect the privacy of individuals, the role of soft light. Frosting glass In recent years, Frosted glass as a hazy art glass, for the space decoration adds beauty, a large number of doors and windows, conference rooms, furniture and other decoration. Frosting glass will be indoor and external landscape through the art of decorative organic together, greatly improving the space decoration grade.

5.Tempered glass:
Tempered glass through the heat treatment process, so that the glass has good mechanical properties, with broken pieces to meet the safety requirements of glass products called tempered glass. Glass is a brittle material, which is characterized by strong compressive strength, tensile strength is small, so easy to break. Debris with a sharp edge, can cut the skin, stabbing the human body, causing bloodshed. The glass edge is finished by cutting, grinding, drilling, cleaning and so on, the glass edge is finished, the microcracks are removed, and then sent into the horizontal steel furnace, heated to slightly lower than The softening temperature of the glass, and then the hair to make the glass quench, then the glass surface to form the compressive stress, the central part of the tensile stress and balance.

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