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How to reduce the heat for greenhouse

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  • Release on :2017-09-05

Sunroom glass is become more and more popular in recently. Generally speaking, we use ultra clear tempered glass or clear tempered glass to build the greenhouse.

There are many corresponding approaches on the market today. Such as sun shade, color steel roof sun room etc. Although these are good in the heat insulation, But the impact of the light input. Then let the natural characteristics of the sun room greatly reduced.  The best way is the glass film.

The two layers of UV absorber in the membrane structure can be used to block the intrusion of harmful ultraviolet rays, maintain your home furniture, low carbon, flooring, etc., to avoid fading.  In hot summer days, the room temperature has been posted on the glass room room is lower than the average room 3-7 degrees, while in winter, the temperature will be 5-7 degree higher than the average room.  The most advantage of glass film in greenhouse glass is keeping cool in summer, while keeping cool in winter. In this way, 100 square above the house to reduce heat loss more than 30%, and it seems more energy saving.

The primary composition of solar heat is visible light, far infrared and ultraviolet for greenhouse. It can reflect some visible light, absorb a lot of far infrared and 99% harmful ultraviolet rays.  Through some of the visible light and issued some far infrared, to achieve the role of insulation and affect the normal lighting.  Glass sun room insulation can think of paste insulation film, on one hand, it can reduce the heat effective on the other hand, will not affect the lighting, the best insulation can reach more than 80%.

Sunroom insulation film can be isolated through the general glass of more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet light. Far higher than other glass products and sunscreen, paste the film, from UV damage, extend the home furniture, accessories and other use, to avoid premature fade and deformation.

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