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Bathroom glass you perfer tempered transparent glass or tempered frosted glass?

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  • Release on :2017-09-07

Bathroom glass you perfer tempered transparent glass or tempered frosted glass?

Bathroom glass partition has been favored by many users, the glass partition perfect to made bathroom and washroom divided into two, forming a isolated space pattern, and with the nice appearance of the bathroom glass,showing a bright and broad vision,it is more popular by people.Now the bathroom glass partition material is also used in many types, one of the most common is the transparent tempered glass and tempered frosted glass, then when you in the decoration of the glass partition,which you will prefer?

First, the transparent glass(5+5 clear laminated glass or 10mm clear tempered glass):
Transparent glass is a good texture, if the bathroom area is small, it will not make people feel crowded, but for careless who may accidentally hit the head: and some people are more reserved introverted, transparent Glass is not protected by privacy, so there is no sense of security.

Second, frosted glass(10mm tempered frosted glass):
Frosted glass have a rough surface,although it translucent but not perspective, resulting in hazy appearance,looks very significant grade, and not so dazzling, it is conducive to protecting the eyes, and colored tinted glass or ultra clear glass after frosted process will produce better decorative effect and artistic effect,not perspective performance bring people a better sense of security.

Transparent clear glass will reflective,it will residual water stains after the bath, if some dirty thing is adsorbed on the above,it is difficult to clean up. Of course, if use frosted glass, it seems not so obvious. So whether you choose frosted glass or transparent glass, should be promptly cleaned.

As long as your bathroom is not very small, we suggest to make the dry and wet separation, because done dry and wet separation, bath water vapor will gather in the local space when take shower, water will not be splashed, then clean up more convenient.

Jimy glass manufacturer,supply custom shower room glass and bathroon screen.Clear tempered glass glass and tempered frosted glass specification as below:
Size: Maximum 3000*8000mm, Minimum 150*300mm
Thickness: 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm,etc.
Processing: All the processing like beveling, cutting, drilling, etc. must be done before tempering.

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10mm tempered transparent glass bathroom:
10mm tempered transparent glass bathroom

10mm frosted tempered glass shower screen:
10mm frosted tempered glass shower door