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Do you know how to design the U glass

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  • Release on :2017-09-10

U glass is also known as channel glass, it’s a novel architectural profile glass. There are nearly 40 years of production and application history in foreign country. with U-shaped cross section. So that it has a higher mechanical strength than ordinary flat glass and has the ideal light transmission, better sound insulation, thermal insulation, saving a lot of metal materials, as well as the advantages of simple construction. It’s widely used for the building inside and outside the wall, partition, roof and windows etc.

We often use the U-shaped glass to be interpreted as a U-shaped glass. U shape glass is also often used in our lives. U shape glass production methods are rolling method, roll method and casting several, but generally used is calendering method. So in China's construction and industrial industry U glass practical most widely. How do you know much about the U glass?

U shaped glass factory

The method of designing U glass:

1. U glass glass surface has a lot of treatment, ordinary fine lines pattern, transparent type, color, etc., in addition to the design of ordinary fine lines, the remaining models need to be marked.

2. U glass is not burning material, we can do a good fire rating, if any special requirements according to the relevant specifications design

3. U glass installation method See installation combination, commonly used is a double wing in the seams arranged in pairs of hollow installation, or single-row wing inward or outside the installation.

4.U used in the external walls, the installation length depends on the local wind load, the height of the glass from the ground and so on.