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Glass staircase safety or not?

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Glass staircase safety or not?

Glass staircase is means staircase consisting of all glass or just a part of glass material. No matter what material collocation with the glass,it is in order to highlight the transparent material--Glass.

Safety performance of the glass staircase: If the thickness of the glass combination and the number of glass layers meet or exceed the designated specifications in full accordance with the formal design. The glass staircase is absolutely safe, and its safety, shock resistance, non-slip performance is even better than other materials.

Glass staircase due to the transparent nature of its material, people have a unique feeling different from other materials. But this visual sense of the psychological security should not be used as a suspected glass of physical safety performance, because this is just one of the different visual effects of the glass staircase.

Sort by composition:
1. All glass staircase: staircase bearing parts such as stepping, pillars and structural beams and handrails fence all made of glass, only a small amount of metal fixtures or no fixed parts installed.

2. Part of the glass staircase: can be divided into:
Steel structure of the glass staircase (structural pillars or beams used to see the metal structure + glass stairs step + glass ).
Wooden structure of the glass staircase (structural pillars or beams used to see the wood structure + glass stairs step + wooden handrail fence).
Other structural glass stairs (structural pillars or beams used to see any other non-glass material such as aluminum or cement structure + glass stairs step + wooden handrail fence).
Glass staircase components (only one of the handrails or stairs step parts made of glass).

What kind of glass can be used as a staircase?
JIMY Glass company supply custom design to made high quality safety laminated glass and tempered glass,use for stair step and fence,you can buy such as:
Stair armrest fence can use:10mm clear curved tempered glass or 17.52mm tempered laminated glass.
Glass stairs step can choose:8+15+8mm safety slip resistant laminated glass or triple tempered laminated glass 6+6+6mm, 8+8+8mm, 10+10+10mm, 12+12+12mm.

Where can used glass staircase:
The application of glass staircase: all places where stairs can be installed. Such as home duplex buildings, villas, clubs, business premises, factories, schools and so on.

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