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Why the glass price increasing so fast recently?

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  • Release on :2017-09-17

From August, 2017, the building glass price is increasing very fast, especially for the float glass, almost every week have new price, so lots of customers are confusing what’s the problem. As far as we know, the main reasons are as below:

Glass demand bigger than supply
Generally, every year from August to December, is the glass busy season, a lot of architectural projects need to complete before New Year, and many overseas customers even prepare the materials for work after Christmas holiday, which leads that the glass demand is bigger than the glass supply, and this situation makes the price higher than other period.

Government environmental inspection
Recently, the government introduced environmental protection policies, called to vigorously protect the environment, so they carried out environmental inspection in a lot of production enterprises. During the inspection, many companies stop production to cooperate the inspection, even some small processing enterprises were closed because lack of environmental procedures, which further exacerbated the situation in short supply, and lead the glass price increasing.

The dollar fell very fast
Only months, the dollars fell about 6%, which means when we export the glass to abroad, we need to sell the glass with higher dollars to match our RMB cost.

There are so many other reasons to make the glass price rising like glass raw material cost increasing fast, workers salary rising, etc. It seems that the price will be keeping increasing, so if you need some architectural glass recently, should purchase it ASAP to save money.

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