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The most used glass type in home decoration!

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  • Release on :2017-11-23

The most used glass type in home decoration!

1.Reflective coated glass:
Reflective coated glass can be used for indoor partition walls,modeling wall surfaces, pattern screens and other places.Because this glass surface by a special process, the formation of metal oxide film, reflective like a mirror,when in strong light,we can’t see the object behind the glass. Reflective coated glass mirror effect, can increase the indoor light and decorative effect; The use of reflective glass as a window glass, but also save energy and reduce the fading of objects inside the house.

2.Tempered glass
Tempered glass is the use of heating to a certain temperature after the rapid cooling method,or  the special treatment of glass with chemical methods, with ordinary flat glass and temperature rapid change resistance, impact resistance and high mechanical strength. After the broken tempered glass, small pieces without acute angle, it more safety than use than other glass, so it known as safety glass. Therefore, tempered glass as the family's furniture,shelf,security doors, windows, is a very wise choice.

3.Frosted glass
Frosted glass, pass through the light but not transparent,it have light through decorative effect, but also protect privacy, increase beauty. Mainly used for indoor doors and windows, partition, screens and other places. The same length and specifications of normal transparent glass, can also be customized size.

4.Insulated glass and laminated glass
Special properties of laminated glass, high security and good pressure resistance, it is widely used in windows and doors, partition, screen, lighting ceiling and other places. Insulated glass as the best energy-saving glass, use as a roof, curtain wall, windows, you can save air-conditioning costs, warm in winter and cool in summer.

For choice glass types, we must according to the actual application to make a choose of correct glass. A correct glass can make home more comfortable and easy care, reduce the cost of replacing the glass.

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