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The tallest luxury residence of full glass curtain wall in Guangzhou

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  • Release on :2017-01-14

When you are walking in the street, you will find the glass curtain wall around us everywhere. The curtain wall is made of different kind of glass with variety color. They can be tinted float glass, reflective glass,color laminated glass, insulated glass or Low E insulated glass, etc. However, the most popular insulated glass for curtain wall is color reflective tempered insulated glass and Low E tempered insulated glass, which is widely used in curtain wall office, curtain wall shopping mall, curtain wall hotel and curtain wall entertainment, etc. The advantage of using glass to build the curtain wall, in one hand, it allows the designer to control every aspect of the performance from thermal conductivity to solar factor, in the other hand, it offers high light transmission with solar control.

If you just judge from the name “curtain wall”, you must think that it’s a public building like high-end office building or hotel. It’s unbelievable to know that is a residence building. It is named GuangZhou Shang Dong Bai Yue Fu which is a Luxury residence.

This Luxury residence was built by Shang Dong holding and Zheng De investment company. It’s regard as the top luxury residence of urban landmark. The luxury curtain wall residence is located in Guang Zhou Zhu Jiang City. There are Zhu Jiang Park and Zhu jiang River around it. It’s a very good geographical location.

Do you know the benefit of the curtain wall glass in this project? Here SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS will introduce some point to you. First of all, it has good visual effect. It looks more elegant and luxury. It’s much different from the traditional residence building. Secondly, the main function of the curtain wall is wind pressure deformation performance, the air permeability, the rain leakage performance, thermal performance, sound insulation, impact resistance etc. All above factors was considered when designed the glass curtain wall in this project.

The overall effect diagram of GuangZhou Shang Dong Bai Yue Fu

The reality images of GuangZhou Shang Dong Bai Yue Fu