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The types and features of glass door

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  • Release on :2016-12-13

Glass door is widely used in our daily life,we can see it around us in hotel,residential,industrial and other decorative places.do you know how to choose the suitable glass door?Today let's talk about the types and characteristics of glass door. 

The types and features of glass door 

1.Decorative glass door 
It includes frosted glass,patterned glass,acid etched glass,ceramic enameled glass and so on,the main difference is the pattern design.Different colors,very good effect of the shiny sense,excellent decorative effect,with multifunctions,such as corrosion-resistant,easy to clean,anti-erosion,etc. 

2.Safety glass door 
It includes tempered glass,bulletproof glass,wired glass and laminated glass.High light transmission,the glass door easy to be clean,high strength,good thermal stability,it is harmless for human being when it broken. 

The glass with a special process and painting,to make sure the effective absorption of solar radiation heat,energy-saving effect.By the way,the absorption of ultraviolet and visible light,to prevent the impact of ultraviolet light on the indoor and make the light more soft.    

4.Coated glass door 
Coated glass with a line of sight of the one-way penetration function,at the same time can expand the indoor space and field of vision,heatproof and soundproof effect.Can be used in the construction of the entrance hall wall,pillars,corridors,etc.also widely used in restaurants,restaurants,bars,banks,hospitals and office building.   

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