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How to select and how to clean & maintenance the pattern glass

How to select and how to clean & maintenance the pattern glass

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO.LTD original 2016-12-14 17:26:08

Embossed glass, also known as pattern glass and knurled glass, mainly use for doors and windows, indoor partition, bathroom and so on. Pattern glass surface with pattern, can be light transmittance, but it can to obscure vision, has pervious to light but opaque characteristics, excellent decorative effect. Now, we would like to share some knowledge of how to choose of the pattern glass and how to clean maintenance it as follow:

Buying Tips for Pattern Glass


Optional of the embossed glass, except to view the flatness, but also check that its pattern is clear, and its light transmittance to meet the requirements or not.

Pattern glass is perspective, due to distance, its vary by different patterns. According to perspective, can be divided into the following categories:

Almost transparently visible: like a transparent glass plate, completely light transmittance is not good, so its suitable for the place which not need to shading.

Slightly transparent visible: can view little part, fit to use the place need block.

Almost invisible: suitable for the place necessary need fully to keep block

Completely obscured: For use where it is necessary to completely obscure.


clear pattern glass prices

Cleaning and maintenance of pattern glass


Cleaning the urushoil on the glass:

Glass and glass window stained with urushoil, you can go to the hardware store to buy a tin of "wipe off paint water" , as long as use the paint brush dipped on the urushoil, waiting for half an hour ,can see the urushoil film been floating, gently push with paint scraper , then easy to scratch it.


Remove the window appear the figure:

Can be used "hydrochloric acid" in two tablespoons transferred to a bowl of water, wearing gloves dipped in a wipe with a sponge, after half an hour use water to clean, if still no improvement, only use caustic soda solution to rub, must be handled carefully.

How to cleaning the pattern glass?

The glass after contaminated by dust, can be wiped with old cloth dipped in warm vinegar, easy to clean it shiny.  If the glass Stained with filthy and clingage, use a little vinegar and salt mixed into liquid scrubbing,wipe the glass with onion, make it bright and dazzling. Glass products after long time used will have filthy, can be used some baking soda with little water wipe clean with a cloth. Or drops a few kerosene on the glass, and then use fabric or cotton to rub, its not only make the glass very bright, but also to prevent waterlogging on raining day. Wipe with waste newspaper dipped in water to wipe the glass, and then wipe with dry newspaper, an make the glass clean. Wipe with land plaster dipped in water coated on the glass, after dry use a soft dry cloth to wipe, the glass can be very bright. Gummed paper stains on the glass, you can first tape scraping with a knife, then wipe by the turpentine.


Pattern glass suit for building of the indoor partition, bathroom doors and windows, and some various occasions which need to block the line of sight , ultra-white pattern glass is also widely used in the field of photovoltaic. Above to introduce the basic information on the pattern glass and introduction, I hope this article can help to you. If you would learn more other knowledge warm welcome to contact our JIMY GLASS any time if you free.

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