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What’s digital printing glass?

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  • Release on :2017-05-24

The ink is printed on the glass surface and then dried, tempered or thermally processed. The ink is permanently printed on the glass surface to obtain a wear-resistant, Acid-resistant. This product has a high functionality and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as strip, mesh and electric pattern and so on. You can also create your own custom designed glass products with our patented glass digital printers and toners. Generally speaking, the most popular glass used for digital printing is clear tempered glass, single glass panel available thickness is from 4mm to 19mm, max size 3000*8000mm. Any customized color is accepted.

Characteristic of digital printing glass

1. Print high-definition pictures directly on the glass, with high-quality images. It’s better than traditional UV printing.
2. Digital printing glass with ceramic properties after tempering, most importantly, the pattern will never fade without damaging the glass surface.
3.The printed pattern has good double-sided performance, meeting customer's different viewing needs.
4. It’s very easy for cleaning.
5. Can be processed into reflective glass, laminated glass and insulated glass, accessing to other uses of special performance.
6. After tempering, the final product has good mechanical properties, anti-strike performance and thermal shock resistance, higher safety performance.

1. Personalized curtain wall glass, calligraphy building.
2. Staircase glass, backdrop, partition wall, screen,railings and so on.
3. As the quality of digital ceramic printing glass and technology is very strong, the basic to meet the creative needs of all architects.

With the pursuit of glass building material getting higher and higher, the digital printing glass will be more unique. SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS as a one top professional building glass supplier, we are always ready to give you one stop professional service. Please contact us any time to get more details.