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What do you know about fireproof glass door?

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  • Release on :2017-05-16

In nowadays, there are all kinds of glass door. For example, tempered glass door, pattern glass door, insulated glass door, laminated glass door, etc. The function of the glass door can be soundproof, heatproof, even if fireproof. Today, JIMY Glass will let you know more about fireproof glass door.

Fireproof glass doors are a kind of fire doors,but different from other fire doors.It has a certain appearance in the aesthetic and plasticity.This means that it can be used not only for fire or public applications,can also be used for interior decoration.So what are the magic features of fireproof glass doors?

Features of fireproof glass door

The biggest function of a fireproof glass door is that it can anti fire. After special treatment, it has a certain fire resistance and can control the spread of the fire. Most importantly,it can be also isolate dust and toxic gases. This does not mean that it can completely block the proliferation of the fire. Its functionality is still limited in time when is in a certain period of time to achieve the control of the fire.

Classification of fireproof glass doors
Fireproof glass is mainly based on fire resistance and thermal insulation performance were Class A, B and class C. Class A refers to being completely refractory and completely insulated. It requires high performance and full product, it is necessary to be able to light, but also smoke insulation. It’s widely used in many place such as windows, doors, glass floor etc. Class B requires full fire resistance, which is generally a composite glass, can anti smoke, but the effect is not as good as class A. Class C is a single piece of glass that requires only full fire resistance, high strength, smoke-proof effect, but can not be insulated, so it can only be used as a fireproof window and outdoor curtain wall.

Precautions when using fireproof glass doors
Fire glass doors have been gradually applied to the home improvement industry for several years, but many users of the fire glass door is knowing less of it, or do not know how to use it rationally. Fireproof glass doors can not simply be treated as a fireproof material, but should be treated as a fire protection system. The need to consider the various factors of the entire system of fire resistance, when not necessary to install fire glass doors, the installation of the need for the size of the glass plate and the relationship between fire resistance.