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This is the real sun room!

This is the real sun room!

Jimy glass Original 2017-05-14 17:39:25

In the wide terrace to build a stylish and funny sun room, every weekend about friends, or the old or chat, so happy ~

But the reality is that, but many people built before the enthusiasm, the construction of the elated, after the construction of full stomach grievances, regret endless.

The problem is that there is no concept of planning the sun room, do not know how to design? Sound insulation, safety, ventilation and insulation how to solve? How to build a good sun room and so on a series of problems, resulting in the final sun room have become a grocery store, there is no practical significance.

Part.1 pre-planning, specifically to prepare what?

A sun room to face the conditions of the real environment: rain, burning sun,typhoon, temperature difference, psychrometric difference,water seepage, falling objects ... ...

(1) non-system sun room: the framework of steel or ordinary aluminum, non-systematic development, the use of existing market materials randomly selected, rigid connection, welding, adaptability, material performance between the low matching; Arc shape, the cost is cheaper.

Advantages: surface material using laminated glass or sun board (PC board) as the roof surface material, with rain and light transmission characteristics; PC board with a strong impact resistance, 250 times stronger than traditional glass, stronger than the acrylic 30 times; PC board bending good, even if the bending angle of 80-90 degrees, still not broken.

Disadvantages: the framework of non-cutting structure, no drainage system, the system cross-section is simple, there is no system flexibility considerations, more serious material material is more chaotic. Surface material used in the sun plate plastic material vibration, rain more noise; the surface easier to atomize. Bad cleaning fast aging, yellowing rate is high, hardening; crack high, poor heat insulation, cracks after the serious water leakage phenomenon can not be ruled out.

(2) system sun room: skeleton need large aluminum material, the site structure support conditions flexible hinge structure, suitable for more on-site conditions, structural deformation and other waterproof system control;

Advantages: glass no water droplets noise problems, transparency and light transmission is best to use heat-reflective glass, can increase the heat insulation and ease the eyelight of the eye, using a variety of glass configuration can be resolved: Condensate water phenomenon, the use of laminated plastic safety glass, can prevent the damage caused by rupture, there is no rate of yellow cracking plasticization problems.

Disadvantages: comprehensive low energy consumption, but the higher cost.

Note: the construction of the technology is high, rigorous, the level is not designed there will be unstable situation, the glass and the framework to be separated to withstand the earthquake, suitable for the absolute strength of the skeleton design can be load-bearing, safe.

In addition to the above characteristics of different materials outside the experience and attitude is a key, because it is a ring of interlocking projects each step is the focus, and will affect each other can not be ignored, especially the waterproof node, fill Sealants (silicone glue) selection and application will directly result in the quality of the project results, there will be no one in the dream of sunshine in the house.

Part.2. How to solve the most difficult ventilation / insulation / noise issues?
Sun room is the most troublesome is how to solve the sun room ventilation, heat, noise these problems ~

Noise is generally from the doors and windows, so the location of the doors and windows, open the way and so need to do careful design.

① problem: ventilation.
Skylight system, sunroof at sunrise roof. Divided into manual and automatic two ways. Automatic sunroof can be equipped with wind and rain sensing and sunshine tracking system. According to the climatic conditions and indoor temperature level automatically control the opening of the skylight.

② problem: heat insulation, shade
In order to minimize the heat entering the sun room in summer, you can install the shade system at the top of the sun room. The type of glass is chosen to have insulated glass and coated glass.

③ problem: energy saving
Energy-saving glass, using LOW-E coated glass, can effectively prevent sunlight and ultraviolet light through, to prevent indoor and outdoor heat exchange.

④  problem:sound insulation
Good sound insulation design and hollow glass, can significantly reduce the noise 30-40DB. Tempered plastic security glass, built-in PVB film of laminated glass, even broken, it will not cause harm to the human body.

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