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How much about PDLC laminated smart glass?

  • Author:Jimyglass
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  • Release on :2017-05-02

For smart glass, we are very concerned about is the price, no matter is you have project on hand or nor. smart glass is concern for nearly two years, let’s know something first, maybe there will be projects need it in the further.

So let's talk about the factors that affect the price of smart glass!

First of all, we should know that smart glass after years of development, it is no longer a single product, it become a multi-type products. We want to understand its price, we must first understand its type-the composition of the structure.

We said that is smart glass,also call PDLC laminated glass, refers to the use of two pieces of glass and a PDLC film made by high temperature and high pressure laminated glass process, its structure is "glass -film(PVB/EVA) - PDLC film - film(PVB/EVA) - glass", with " power on becomes transparent, power off become obscure" effect. From the composition of smart glass we can see, its price related with glass, (PVB/EVA)film, PDLC film,etc, but the biggest factor is glass and PDLC film.

Glass is generally divided into two kinds-clear glass and ultra clear glass. Hotels or offices usually use of 5mm or 6mm glass to do the smart glass, other commonly used glass and euro gray tinted glass, ford blue tinted glass,and other tinted glass, not commonly used in the thickness of 8 +8,10 +10 and so on.

The type of dimming film is more, there are PT, GT, ST, etc., there are white, gray, blue, etc., each manufacturer has so several different models to meet the needs of different user groups.

Therefore, we can see the appearance of little difference,but the quality is quite different from the smart glass. Of course, if you are an expert, or good at observation, it is easy to find their difference.

This difference is mainly between light transmittance, light transmittance is the most important parameter of smart glass. Through the understanding of the composition of smart glass, we can combine a variety of light transmission smart glass, so the price of dimming glass can not be "a fixed price", can only be "Inter regional price."

In addition to light transmittance, more important is the stability of the product. Although there is a shelf life, but no one wants the product have problems during use,and good stability can set buyer’s mind at rest. After all, buy expensive smart glass is not "one hammer trading", after-sales service is also very important.

See here, you should have a more in-depth understanding of the price of smart glass, right? In fact, buy smart glass to buy appliances with the same reason. First and foremost, is to clear your own requirements, and then do a rough budget, and then to find suitable product. If you see the product feel very satisfied, I believe that the price is expensive you can accept.

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