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What is the glass used to build the Sydney Opera House?

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  • Release on :2017-04-30
As well known, the most distinctive building in Sydney, Australia is Opera House. As the soul of Australia, The Sydney Opera House is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the twentieth century in the world. There are concert halls, opera, theater , Children's theater and photography inside. Auctions, concerts and other events are held every month or even every week, there are more than 20 million tour groups every year.

Sydney Opera House is a sculpture built on the harbor, like a white petal floating in the air. In addition to the appearance of sophisticated, it is the most exquisite place is whatever corner in the courtyard, you can clearly enjoy the scenery outside without any That 's the sea from the sailing, flying white gulls etc The glass wall of the Opera House is consisted of almost clear glass, your height is more than 60 meters.

According to statistics, the Sydney Opera House shared a total of 6625 square meters of glass. These more than 250,000 pieces of tempered glass, these glass are distributed inside and outside the Opera House. Interior building imitates Maya culture and Aztec temple. It is both. Noble and practical. The exterior glass of the building is sandwich glass made by a French manufacturer, total of 700 sizes, 2000 pieces.

The hardness of laminated glass is extremely high, even a piece of tiles fall down, hit the glass at the lowest point, tourists will not be injured. Do you know why people will not get hurt? The reason is that the glass used in the Sydney Opera House is tempered laminated glass. Refers to two or more pieces of glass sandwiched between the organic polymer interlayer, after a special high temperature vacuum and high temperature and high pressure process, so that the glass and the middle film permanently As a safety decorative glass, the advantage of energy glasses, energy saving, heat proof, sound proof etc. when the glass is crushed by impact, due to its two ordinary glass interlayer Folder PVB film bonding effect. Not like ordinary glass broken after the sharp pieces of wounding.