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Application limitation of tempered glass

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  • Release on :2017-04-23

As we all known, tempered glass is high strength and high safety glass, widely use as window glass, door glass, partition wall glass, shower enclosure glass, shelves glass, furniture glass, etc. But after crushing, the tempered glass break into small particles, can’t totally maintain the original shape, this feature limits its applications, for example:

First, normally, if roofs, ceilings and skylights to the ground over 5m, they are not suitable to use tempered glass. Because the snow and other loads, or the Maintenance staff walk on it, maybe make the tempered glass overload, and then, make it broken, the small particles fell down, will hit the below pedestrians.

Second, the floor also can’t use tempered glass, especially the floating floor, because there are so many person will walk on it, once it is broken, the person will fell down. It’s better to use the three-layer laminated glass to build the floor, and do the anti-slippery, to make sure human safety.

Third, generally, if the railing doesn’t withstand the horizontal load, the tempered glass thickness couldn’t be less than 5mm, and if the railing withstands the horizontal load, the tempered glass thickness should be more than 12mm. But for the railing and frameless balcony of high rise building, it’s not suitable to use tempered glass. Because sometimes, when tempered glass is broken, a part of the debris won’t be separated, but to maintain the original shape, especially for the thick tempered glass. When this situation happen, will have one piece very heavy broken glass piece, when this glass piece fell down, will cause great harm to pedestrians on the ground, even cause people die.

Except the above, still have many places are not suitable to use tempered glass, warmly welcome to shall your ideas with us.

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