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What’s the best choice for the sunroom skylight glass

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2018-01-12
As everyone known that the best material for skylight is glass, but do you know that there are many different kinds of glass, which performance different function. For example: tempered glass, tempered laminated glass, tempered insulated glass, tempered laminated insulated glass, low E glass etc.

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Today JIMY GLASS will introduce the characteristic of each glass to help you to choose the best glass for your sunroom skylight in a easy way.

1.Tempered glass

We also call it single tempered glass panel, it’s a safety glass with high strengthen. Available thickness such as 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm etc.
A.The advantage of tempered glass: It becomes small particles when it’s broken. Even thought it’s safety glass, tempered glass can not stop the penetration of glass strikes and falls to the ground.
B.The disadvantage of tempered glass: If the fragments do not fall from very high places, the damage of the glass fragments to people and property underneath will be minimized because the glass fragments are small and non-injurious.
C.Suggestion: We do not suggest to used tempered glass directly used for glass roof because sunshine room will generally be built at a height, or larger facade space, it is inevitable something falling at high altitude hit the glass. This single tempered glass is generally used in office partitions, doors or hotel glass partition or door.

2.Tempered laminated glass
This glass is sandwiched between two layers of glass, high security, the dark layer of film connected together.
A.Advantage of tempered laminated glass: It is not easy to smash through the impact damage, the debris will not fall off, glued tightly with the film, compared with other glass, with seismic, anti-theft, bullet-proof, explosion-proof performance. If there are high-altitude small items can penetrate the breakdown of tempered glass, but the following laminated glass can basically support can not fall.
B.Suggestion: We suggest to used tempered laminated glass to build the sunroom skylight glass, it’s high security, even if the broken glass will not fall to hurt people.

3.Tempered insulated glass
A certain thickness is formed between the two sheets of glass and the flow of air or other gas layers is limited. Thus reducing the glass convection and heat transfer, so it has better insulation.
A.Advantage of tempered insulated glass: If you consider the sound insulation and heat proof function, tempered insulated will help you perfectly in this way.
B.Suggestion: To use hollow tempered glass as the top material for the sun room. Thickness is generally 5 +12 A +5 is enough. There are glass roof of sun room glass is commonly used laminated plastic hollow glass, glass laminated two layers of plastic, plus a layer of hollow, so the strength of the glass is better insulation.
In short, considering for safety , it is recommended to use tempered laminated glass. If the two layers break the whole piece of glass is not completely fragmented, or the full shop in the frame, but the glass looks cracked. If you consider the noise insulation better, use hollow tempered glass, if the two points of noise insulation does not matter if the use of single-layer tempered glass is feasible.

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