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What's the advantages of Triple Insulated Glazed Windows?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2018-01-06

The triple insulated glazed unit, it is also called triple IGU, triple insulated glass, which is processed by three pieces of glass separated by two hermetically sealed and dehydrated spaces, the glass can be annealed float glass, security tempered glass or laminated glass. The U-value reflects the thermal insulating performance of a building. The lower the co-efficient is, the better the insulating performance. Compared with double glazing unit, the triple glazed unit can offer even more thermal performance due to the additional benefit provided by the third pane of glass and gas filled cavity, that’s why it more and more popular used as triple glazed windows.

Here we’d like to share with you the advantages of triple insulated glazed window:

1. Triple glazed windows are stronger and more rigid than regular windows.
2. Helps reduce sound transmission.
3. Security enhancement, not easy for broken by outside force, greater security can be provided keeping your home safe and secure.
4. Save even more on heating bills, offer great energy savings when compared to regular and double glazed windows.
5. Increases thermal comfort inside the building as they will protect and prevent heat loss.
6. Insulated hollow frames can increase triple glazed windows performance.
7. Triple glazing does tend to be slightly more expensive, but provide maximum comfort and much lower U-value, and the some of this additional up front cost can be recouped over time by reducing energy bills. 

How’s your thinking?

By the way, we can do any customized triple insulated glass to meet clients’ requirement. The glass types including:  triple tinted insulating glazed, triple reflective insulating glass, triple low e insulated glass, triple tempered insulated glass, triple tempered laminated insulated glass, and so on.

If you are interested in, welcome to contact us for more details.

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