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Why choose glass cupboard in your kitchen?

Why choose glass cupboard in your kitchen?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-02-28 14:42:54

Since glass has came to our life, it makes a greatly improved for people’s daily life. People pursue higher living quality at the same time. In near years, there is a tend of glass. When decorating, glass is not only used for doors and windows, but also used for cupboard. As everyone known, the high transparency and bright of glass which make the outlook more fashionable and elegant. There is no doubt that glass become very popular in furniture industry. Especially the tempered glass, known as the safety glass, it becomes the best choice when people considering glass decoration. For a glass fans, do you know about the glass cupboard?

The advantage of the glass cupboard

1.The maximum safety operating temperature of glass is 288 ℃, and it can bear the temperature changing of 204℃. In this way, there is no doubt that glass is the best material that is good at thermostable performance. Comparing with using the glass table top as the cupboard in the kitchen, the artificial stone table top is easy to local heat and burst, even if using the most expensive quartz stone and acrylic artificial stone because of the high temperature burst and discoloration.High damage rate of the stone table top for cupboard is also become the trouble.

2.Table top glass, it’s considered more than 3 times strengthen that any other cabinet countertops. For example, artificial stone (including expensive acrylic, quartz and stone) will be rip off when the contact stress is not uniform. While tempered glass table top, except its own high strength,the table top below a layer of two millimeters thick layer of glue on the cabinet with a layer of gravity can also play a very good protective effect.

3. Compared with the traditional cupboard, glass cupboard is rich in color and design, in one hand, it can be satisfy with different kinds of aesthetic standards of higher requirement. Artificial stone technology and material can only produce a single color black and white gray monotonous colors, and stainless steel color is more single, both of them make feel cold and not suitable for home use.

4. Thanks to the high transparency of the glass, when using the glass to make of the cupboard, it looks more large even if the kitchen space is very small. What’s more, it regards as a green material whose advantage is colorful, moisture proof ,and fire proof. It’s easy to clean and will not smell the special odour which do harm for our healthy. The life time of the glass also will be last long. Due to the stability of the glass, it can be last for more than hundreds years. There is no deformation problem.

How to choose the glass for cupboard in kitchen?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS as a professional building glass manufacture with more than 20 years experience. We are good at producing good quality glass for cupboard. Such as painted glass, Acid Etched glass, silk screen glass, clear float glass etc which are widely used for cupboard. So which one to choose? Different glass have different function. If you want to decorative your kitchen colorful, you’d better choose the painted glass, and if you want the simple style, the Acid Etched glass will be the best choice, and when you want your kitchen diversified, we suggest that you select the silk screen glass. If you want to know more about the glass for cupboard, please contact us any time.