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What kind of glass is best for the roof?

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  • Release on :2017-03-01

In nowadays, the glass roof is more and more popular, because it has varieties decorative effects, and can get plenty of sunlight into the building. So do you know what kind of glass is best for the roof?


At the beginning, so many architects use tempered glass to build the roof, but with the time goes on, more and more buildings have the news that the roof glass fell down, which make the people worry. Think from this point, the tempered glass is not very good for the roof, because the tempered glass have the defect of self-explosion, which will bring safety risk for people.


One good suggestion is used tempered laminated glass to build the roof, because the laminated glass have interlayer like PVB and SGP, even the glass is broken, the glass fragments will stick on the interlayer, won't fall down to hurt human, and give enough time for the workers to replace it.


If want to achieve the effect of energy saving, we can consider the low-e tempered laminated insulated glass. Because low-e insulated glass have the advantage of making the inside cooler in the summer, and make it warmer in the winter, could help us save a lot of air conditioner related cost.


No matter using what kind of glass to build the roof, the contractors should check the roof timely, replace the problematic roof glass in time, to make sure human safety.

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