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How to choose the Splashback glass for the kitchen?

How to choose the Splashback glass for the kitchen?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD original 2017-03-02 19:45:50

How to choose the Splashback glass for the kitchen?

Now, living standards have improved so much,people more and more attention on decorative their home more comfortable ,more beautiful and with the sense of design, and unique. Glass a a new decorative glass more and more popular used on people’s daily life. Today, we are talking about how to choose the Splashback glass used for your kitchen?

As we know that people more and more prefer to like used the Splashback glass used for the kitchen instead of the ceramic tile, or the marble. Because of Splashback glass has various choose with different design can matching peoples special desire.

Normally, people prefer to choose the silk-screen printed glass, also named Ceramic frit glass Enamel glass/ Silk screen printed glass, or would like to choose the Lacquered Glass, or someone select the reflective tempered glass, acid etched glass/ frosted glass,mirror glass,etc. Below we will discussion more about different type glass used as the Splashback glass,is better help you choose the right glass as your demand.

Silk screen printed glass used as the Splashback glass panel, you can choose any color any pattern as your demand, cause of it made by the high temperature, if carefully to check and compare, the glass surface not smooth like the Lacquered Glass unless the glass been broken, the color or pattern are not separated from the glass, so you are dont worried the colored been fade.

Ceramic frit glass splashbacks

Lacquered Glass been the Splashback glass panel, also can produce various color as per desire, and its color looks very bright and beautiful and very smooth surface. But cause of is made by the low temperature of 30-45 degree, if long time to used on the humid environment the painted color easy to fall off.

China Lacquered Glass Splashbacks

Reflective glass after toughened to be suitable as Splashback glass on the kitchen. Its safety and with mirror reflective effect, but its limit of the color choose, only have gray, blue, bronze, green, four color only.

blue Reflective tempered glass splashbacks

Acid etched glass/ frosted glass used on kitchen Splashback glass, you also can choose printed any color and pattern. But its no mirror reflective effect.  

China Acid etched glass Splashbacks

Mirror glass used as the kitchen Splashback glass, can get the very high mirror reflective effect, if single mirror directly to used, is not safety, the better is laminated together with glass to used, will be more safety.

High quality mirror glass Splashbacks

Different type glass used as the kitchen Splashback glass, the function is different and the prices are different too, hope you can choose the bet type as your desire. For more information or suggestion warm welcome to contact our JIMY GLASS group to talk more any time.