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The popular tend of glass floor

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  • Release on :2017-03-05

Flooring has gone through a long process from the previous traditional wood, tiles, and commercial glued floor. As a matter as fact, They also change from the previous ordinary floor into today's diverse characteristics. Glass as a new type of building material, it becomes more and more popular no matter on commercial building or resident building. The glass floor led the actual storm from 21st century and make us know more except these glass surfaces. the glass floor is widely used on staircase, corridor, viewing platform etc. Considering the safety of people, generally speaking, the glass thickness could be 6+6+6 / 8+8+8 and 10+10+10mm, etc. It depends on practical situation.

Why choose glass floor?

1.The glass floor is very environmentally friendly which can be recycled.
2.It makes more aesthetic. When using the glass for floor, in this way, the construction become more attractive.
3.More easy to clean, even can be clean by water.
4.Increasing permeability and more conducive to lighting, it’s perfect to enhance the small space to look more large.

Where to buy high quality safety glass floor

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