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Those wonderful work in glass industry.

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  • Release on :2016-11-22

Those wonderful work in glass industry.

1. No broken glass

A British aircraft manufacturing company invented a dozen don't broken glass for plane, it is a folder with debris into a transparent plastic film laminated multi-layer glass. The PVC-based plastic film has a viscous, semi-liquid consistency, and when it is tried to break it, the blown film gathers slowly and recovers its own integrity. This glass can be used in cars to prevent theft of vehicles.

2. Nails can nailing glass

Japan's Mitsubishi electronic equipment laboratory successfully developed this glass, is the boric acid glass powder and carbon fiber mixture heated to 1000 degrees Celsius made. It is the use of cemented carbide-reinforced glass, the maximum fracture stress for the general glass more than 2 times, no fragile weaknesses, nail and wood screws, needn't worry about broken.

3. Non-reflective glass 

Developed by SCHOTT Glass GmbH in Germany, the non-reflective glass has a light reflectance of less than 1% (typically 8% for glass), which resolves glare and dizzying headaches.

4. Anti - theft glass

Hungarian Institute developed a multi-layer structure of this glass, each layer embedded in the middle of a very fine metal wire, if the thieves break the glass, the metal wire connected to the alarm system will immediately send an alarm signal.

5. Soundproof glass

A Japanese company from Germany to introduce technology to create a new type of noise glass. This glass is a thick resin up to 5 mm will be two layers of glass glue together, almost can be Department of noise absorption exhausted, especially for recording studio and studio use. Its price is equivalent to 5 times the ordinary glass.

6. Air conditioning glass

This is a double glass processing, heating can be sent to the glass sandwich, distributed through the pores to the interior, instead of radiator. This not only saves energy, but also convenient, sound and dust, to the summer can also be sent to air-conditioning.

7. Vacuum glass

Japan's flat glass company developed the vacuum glass, is two in the thickness of 3 mm between the glass with a 0.2 mm interval of 1/100 atmospheric pressure of the vacuum layer, the layer of metal cylindrical support in order to prevent external atmospheric pressure So that two pieces of glass paste together. This vacuum glass thickness of only 6.2 mm, can be directly installed in the general window frame. It has good sound insulation effect, suitable for residential and high-rise building windows.

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