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What is bulletproof glass?

What is bulletproof glass?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO.LTD original 2016-11-23 17:23:50

Bullet-proof glass is a laminated glass, made of multi high-strength glass, can resistd the pistol or submachine gun shooting, always used in banks or luxury and other place which requirements  very high safety decoration project.

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Bulletproof glass a composite material, is made of glass and high-quality polycarbonate film through a special processing to make. it is usually transparent material, usually including polycarbonate layer between the ordinary glass. Bullet-proof glass is actually made of polycarbonate film with transparent glass sheets bonded together.

Bullet-proof glass generally has the following three-tier structure:

1. Bearing layer

The first layer first to resistd the impact of rupture, the general use of thick and high strength glass, can destroy the warhead or change the shape of the warhead, let it lost the ability to move forward.

2. Transition layer

General use of organic glueing material materials, strong bonding, with good light fastness, and can absorb part of the impact energy, change the direction of the bullet. In the middle of  laminated glass of very strong and transparent Polyvinyl butyral film. This not only can effectively prevent the bullets shooting, but also has anti-surge impact, anti-blast, anti-shock and does not appear cracking after impact and others.

3. Safety protective layer

This layer of high-strength glass, has good elasticity and toughness, can absorb most of the impact energy, to ensure that the bullet can not pass through this layer.

Different manufacturers of different bullet-proof glass. But basically in the ordinary glass layer laminated with the Polyvinyl butyral, this process is called lamination. Its similar to ordinary glass but thicker than ordinary glass. The thickness of the bulletproof glass is between 18mm and 75mm.

Bullet-proof glass how to bulletproof?

The bullets on the bulletproof glass will break down the outer glass, but the polycarbonate glass layer can absorbs the energy of the bullet, preventing it from penetrating the inner glass.

What factors may the bullet-proof effect?

As long as the bulletproof glass is completely bulletproof, is mainly related to the following three factors:

1. The total thickness of bullet-proof glass is direct proportaion to the ballistic effect

Bullet-proof glass more thicker, the bullet-proof effect of course more better.

2. The PVB film thickness on the Bullet-proof glass is connected with the anti-ballistic effect

Such as used of 1.52mmPVB the bullet-proof glass, the bulletproof effect is better than use of 0.76mm PVB film bullet-proof glass.

3. Glass and bullet-proof effect

To use of tempered glass made of explosion-proof glass, its bulletproof effect is better than used the ordinary glass to made bullet-proof glass.

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