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What are the factors to affect the performance of bulletproof glass?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2018-05-02
Bulletproof glass is actually a special kind of laminated glass, there won’t be penetrated and damaged after being shot by high-speed and high-pressure bullets. It's widely used for windows and doors glass, bank parititon wall glass etc. The influencing factors of shell glass performance include the type, thickness, number of layers, processing methods, dimensions, installation methods, bullet type (lead core bomb or steel core bomb) of the structural material.

According to the theory of bulletproof, The ballistic performance is mainly related to the hardness and toughness of the material, but not directly have something to do with strength. Compare with the bullet proof glass made of the same material, the thicker the thickness, the better the ballistic performance of the glass. The increase in pressure capacity of materials has an exponential relationship with thickness.

The total thickness of general bulletproof glass should be above 20mm, or the higher thickness is above 50mm. The combination of the glass also has an impact on the performance of bulletproof glass. For PVB interlayers laminated bulletproof glass or SGP interlayers laminated bulletproof glass. When the thickness of the shrapnel inorganic glass is gradually reduced from the inflected surface to the surface of the elastic surface, that is, when the structure is arranged in a descending order. Bulletproof ability increased. In particular, the thinner the back layer of glass, the less spatter and the better the bulletproof effect. When used, the larger the size of the bulletproof glass, the greater the elastic deformation of the glass upon impact, the more the absorbed impact energy is converted into elastic potential energy, and the bulletproof ability is stronger. In addition, the installation of bulletproof glass also affects the bulletproof effect. If the glass is rigidly fixed, the elastic deformation of the glass is limited when impacted, thereby reducing the bulletproof ability.

PVB interlayers laminated bulletproof glass