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What is the procedure to make the tempered laminated glass with holes

What is the procedure to make the tempered laminated glass with holes

As the high safety glass, we could see the tempered laminated glass in any building, used as balcony glass, floor glass, skylight glass, wall glass, structural facade glass, etc. And most often, in order to install the glass with accessories, we should drill different holes, But do you know how to make this kind glass? And what’s the procedures? As a glass processing factory more than 20 years, our idea is as below:

First step: custom cut size
The glass couldn’t cut after tempering, so we should cut the glass into customized size in the first step, for us, we could cut the glass by hand, or by machine like water jet or CNC, the max size could reach to 3300x12000mm, the dimension tolerance could be within ±0.5mm.

custom cut size laminated glass

Second step: polished edges
After cut, the glass will forward to polish edges, the edges could be normal matt edges, flat polished edges, round edges, beveled edges, OG edges, just as customer’s requirements.

polished edges laminated glass

Third step: drill holes
If the project requires the glass with holes or cutouts, we should do it after polishing the edges, for the holes or cutouts, we should totally process it as per the drawings, like straight holes, conical holes, etc. When drilling holes, please remember that the hole diameter should be larger than the glass thickness, the distance from hole to the glass edges should be larger than 2.5 times glass thickness, the distance from hole to the glass corner should be larger than 5 times glass thickness.

drill holes laminated glass

Forth step: temper
After all the previous procedures done, we need to clean the glass before tempering, to make sure the glass come out without any dirt.

When the glass is clean, will move the glass to temper, and when the glass into tempering furnace, the temperature will reach to around 700℃, then cool the glass rapidly to change the glass inner tension and stress, the tempering process will make the glass 3-5 times stronger than normal float glass.

tempered laminated glass

Fifth step: laminate
Will have two steps to laminate the glass, first the tempered glass get into the dust-free workshop, to put two pieces or more layers glass together with the interlayer like PVB, SGP or EVA, after two times pre-pressure, then will put the glass into autoclave for high temperature and pressure over 8 hours, after this process, the two pieces or more layers glass will stick tightly with the interlayer, then the high safety glass is came out.

laminated glass autoclave

Sixth step: repair the edges
After taking out the glass from the autoclave, the workers will check the glass edges one by one, if there is glass with extra interlayer at the edges, they will repair it, to make sure the glass looks nice all around.

repair laminated glass PVB on edges

Seven step: inspect and pack
When the glass is finished, our inspection department will inspect the glass carefully, the glass will be replace even they only have very small bubbles, scratches or defects. After inspection, the glass will pack in strong plywood crates with metal belt, to make sure no any breakage during long distance transportation.

packing laminated glass

In a word, if want to produce the high quality safety laminated glass, we should take care every procedure. As a reliable glass manufacturer, we have big production capacity and very good quality product, why not work with us if you have glass projects?