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What should we do after Hanjin Shipping filed for the bankruptcy protection?

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  • Release on :2016-09-23


What should we do after Hanjin Shipping filed for the bankruptcy protection?


On August 31, 2016, Korea’s largest shipping company-Hanjin Shipping, filed for the bankruptcy protection at the Seoul Central District, this will have big influence for all the forwarders, importers and exporters around the world. Because Hanjin Shipping is the seventh largest shipping company in the world, own about 100 vessels, 616800 TEU, share 7% of the shipping market.


In this situation, so many countries around the world don’t accept the vessels of Hanjin to get into their ports, which make the vessels of Hanjin have to hover in the high seas. As present, there are over 40 vessels are on the sea, including the vessel HANJIN MILANO 0052E to Australia, which have loaded one container of our glass to Melbourne, we sent this container with 4mm 5mm clear float glass and 6.38mm milky white laminated glass for one of our VIP customers in Melbourne, as per the schedule, the vessel should arrive at port on September 06, but until now, the vessel is still on the high seas, waiting for more instruction from Hanjin Shipping. Sincerely hope the Hanjin could solve all the problems, and let all the vessels get into the destination to download all the containers ASAP.


If you also have some cargos on the vessels of Hanjin, please keep following closely about the relevant developments; If you have some cargos need to ship recently, please double check and don’t load more cargos on the vessel of Hanjin. And most of forwarders forecast that the freight cost will be keeping rising recently, is it true? Let’s wait for more news later.


6.38mm white laminated glass on Hanjin vessel