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China manufacturer cut into size wholesale 4mm anti-reflective glassChina manufacturer cut into size wholesale 4mm anti-reflective glassChina manufacturer cut into size wholesale 4mm anti-reflective glassChina manufacturer cut into size wholesale 4mm anti-reflective glass

China manufacturer cut into size wholesale 4mm anti-reflective glass

  • Name:4mm AR coating glass,4mm Anti-reflective glass,4mm non reflection glass
  • High light transmittance more than 96%,reflection lower than 2%
  • No reflection when see the pictures,protecting our eyes
  • Size:standard size of 1200x1600mm,Min:200mm*200mm,any customized size could be produced
  • The AR coating could be single,double,etc
  • Use as LCD screen glass,computer monitor glass,photo frame glass
  • Production time within 10-15 working days after order confirmed
  • Packed in strong export plywood crates to avoid any breakage


China manufacturer cut into size wholesale 4mm anti-reflective glass


What is anti-reflective glass?

Anti-reflective glass, also call AR glass, non-reflective glass, is adopting advanced magnetron sputtering vacuum coating technology, coating the Nano optics multilayer film on the glass surface, is better to reduce the glass self- reflective, improve the glass transmittance, no reflect and anti-giddy light, it makes image more clear with the strong light and improves the screen brightness to protect your eyes.

Anti-reflective glass advantage: 

1, visible light transmittance highest peak 99%
2, the color is more beautiful, more contrast
3, anti-ultraviolet, effective protection of eyes
4, high temperature resistance
5, good scratch-resistant
6, can be resistant to a variety of cleaning agents
7, strong impact resistance
8, to protect the viewpoint
9, not easy to distort, appearance is more beautiful.

4mm Anti-reflective glass characteristic:

• Transmission rate is up to more than 96% (Max: 99.5%) from common glass 89%, and it's the world's most transparent glass.
 The average Visible light transmittance over 95%, good enhance the original brightness of PDP and LCD, significantly reducing power consumption 

• Reflectivity from 8% of the common 3mm float glass, fell below 2% (Min: 0.2%), effectively weaken the defects caused by strong light behind the pictures, enjoy a more clear image quality.

• UV spectral transmittance < 3%, effectively block the ultraviolet ray harm to the eyes.

• Excellent scratch resistance and hardness≥7H, excellent environmental performance, pass the acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, temperature cycle, high temperature test, and membrane layer has no obvious change.


Anti-reflective glass specification:

Thickness: 1.8mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm

Size: standard size of 1200mm*1600mm, Min: 200mm*200mm, any customized size could be produced.

Film structure: the AR coating could be single coating, double coating, produced as per customer’s requirements, the more layer AR film, the higher light transmittance and lower reflection.

The performance data sheet of Anti- reflective glass

AR coating glass parameters

4mm non-reflective glass application:

• Display device and screen protector like LCD TV, PDP TV, laptop and desktop computer monitor, instrument touch screen, video camera, exhibition cabinet, medical instrument, outdoor display screen, military display panel, etc.
• Photo and picture frames and other electronic products.
• Astronomical observation purposes, such as the telescope.

Anti-reflective glass  Vs  clear float glass

4mm Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass application:

Anti-reflective glass application

Non-reflection glass factory and production line:

China Anti-reflective glass factory

Safety packing 4mm anti-reflective glass:

Anti-reflective glass price


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