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Anti-glare glass, glass picture frame application for 2 mm cut to sizeAnti-glare glass, glass picture frame application for 2 mm cut to sizeAnti-glare glass, glass picture frame application for 2 mm cut to sizeAnti-glare glass, glass picture frame application for 2 mm cut to size

Anti-glare glass, glass picture frame application for 2 mm cut to size

  • Glass: 2 mm anti-glare glass, non-glare glass glass, 2 mm to 2 mm a glare.
  • Glass type: non-glare float glass.
  • 914x1220mm, 1220x1830mm, 1524x2134mm, normal size: customer's request as customised.
  • Benefits: excellent optical performance, a flat surface with reflections.
  • Applications: electronics products displayed or screen protectors, safety glass, senior Museum artwork photo frames, etc.
  • Production time: 7-15 days after the order is confirmed within.
  • Packaging: export plywood boxes with fresh new strong paper.

Anti-glare glass, glass picture frame application for 2 mm cut to size

About 2 mm anti-glare glass:

AG glass, also known as anti-glare glass or non-glare glass. Glass, which diffused reflection Jimy Glass company AG (uneven surface) is characterized by the original glass mirror reflection surface to produce a sprinkling process. Hydrofluoric acid etching a glass, immersed in the traditional method, but this method to environmental pollution, and a lot of product to improve yield.

Jimy glass to produce an AG company glass process spraying, sprayed glass on the surface of a particular drug and a diffuse reflection surface heat treatment later. Method is environmentally friendly and high-yield.

It is high-quality clear float glass for one or two-sided process, compared to normal glass with a low recoil so that, that picture, photo frame to reduce the reflection to improve clarity, clear and realistic, to show the image so that a better visual impact audiences to enjoy reducing ambient light interference. 

AG glass data

Anti dazzle glass picture frames, anti-glare glass is made by our high quality chemical frosting, looks a little vague general than clear float glass, but excellent optical performance and no reflection, protect your eyes better to clear float glass, and higher costs. 914x1220mm, 1830x1220mm, standard size can be customized according to user requirements.

Non-glare glass-it glass types photo frame provides protection from dust and scratches. Non-glare glass to prevent glare and reflection of a slightly frosted glass. But it also does not protect from harmful UV rays photo colors or images.

Clear float glass and non-glare glass, compare with:


Clear float glass

 Non-gloss Glass


Float glass

On the corroded surface chemical made of glass 


 ≥ 8.4%

AR Rather than glass 


 86% ≤

 AR Much less than glass


AG and AR glass is less than

 AR Much less than 

Good Price Non-Glare Photo Frame Glass

Application of non-glare glass 

So they widely electronics products performance or safety glass screen protectors, Museum artwork, mirrors, decorative frames, senior photo frames, architectural Windows and doors, building, furniture, LCD, Tablet PC etc are used for external walls, non-glare glass with good smoothness, high penetrability and arbitrary can be cut into small pieces. 

Good Price Non-Glare Photo Frame Glass

Which photo frames you can find Jimy Glass like glass? 

1) 2 mm clear float glass,3 mm clear float glass 

2) 2 mm Anti-reflective glassAnti-reflective glass 3 mm 

3) 2 mm anti-glare glass, anti-glare glass 3 mm 

Anti-glare glass 2mm

China 2mm Anti Glare Glass

 Photo frame glass safety packing:

glass photo frame packing


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