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3mm Cut Size Anti-Glare Photo Frame Glass Manufacturer China3mm Cut Size Anti-Glare Photo Frame Glass Manufacturer China3mm Cut Size Anti-Glare Photo Frame Glass Manufacturer China3mm Cut Size Anti-Glare Photo Frame Glass Manufacturer China

3mm Cut Size Anti-Glare Photo Frame Glass Manufacturer China

  • Glass name:3mm anti-glare glass,3mm non glare glass,3mm no glare glass
  • Glass type:clear glass sheets,non glare float glass, anti reflective glass
  • Normal size:914x1220mm,1220x1830mm,1524x2134mm,customized as customer's requested
  • Advantage:with flat surface,excellent optical performance,no reflection
  • Application:electronics products display or screen protector,museum artwork protection glass,senior photo frame,etc
  • Production time:within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Packaging:fresh new strong export plywood crates with paper

High Grade 3mm Non-Glare Photo Frame Glass Manufacturer China

3mm Non-Glare Photo Frame Glass 

3mm Anti-glare glass,abbreviates 3mm AG glass,3mm Anti glare glass is rapidly becoming more important to the framing community,AG glare surface is specially processed.The principle is to carry out high-quality single or double glass process,so that compared with ordinary glass has a lower reflectance,thereby reducing the interference of ambient light,improve the clarity of the screen,reducing the reflective screen,make the image clearer,realistic,let viewers enjoy better visual effect. 

The Advantages of AG Photo Frame Glass 

1.High transparent,visible light transmittance ratio,which is greater than 90%; 

2.Visible light reflection ratio,can lower than 1%,this low light reflection makes objects or landscapes on the other side of the glass extremely clear,free from aberrant reflections of light or images,also enables the color rendering and contrast to be appreciated to its fullest. 

3.Clear and soft performance,reduce reflection,the images become more clearer,more colorful,and better saturation. 

4.Edge:flat edge,grind edge,polished edge,bevelled edge,round edge,etc.

5.Shape:round,oval,rectangle,square or other else as the customer's requested. 

Applications of Non-Glare Glass 

Non-glare glass with good smoothness,high penetrability and it can be arbitrarily cut into small pieces,so they are widely used for electronics products display or screen protector,Museum artwork protection glass,senior photo frame,decorative frame,mirror,architectural windows and doors,the external walls of building,furniture,LCD,tablet PC etc. 

Which kinds of Photo Frame Glass you can get it from Jimy Glass? 

1)2mm clear float glass,3mm clear float glass 

2)2mm anti-reflective glass,3mm anti-reflective glass 

3)2mm anti-glare glass,3mm anti-glare glass 

The different between clear float glass and anti-glare glass

Good Price Non-Glare Photo Frame Glass

Non-glare photo frame glass on sale

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